Healing Waters: Painting that reveals and heals.

In this class I will guide the students into the art process of Healing Waters:   In this workshop we will focus on receiving and allowing the creative energy flow, adding to the painting’s healing properties. We will be using mixed media including- sharpie pens, water colors, clay board and writing.

The process:

-We will  empty and balance   ourselves before starting through meditation, breathing, sound healing, and mantras.

-I will then guide you through your artistic journey with intention and intuitive techniques.

-To conclude, we will name the artwork and write about its meaning.

This workshop may  be held for  hours across two days.

“Embody Art” is a training ground for future artists, which takes them into a process of personal and artistic development, connecting them with the elements of art and the different levels of consciousness through movement, sound, visual art, and meditation to create beautiful works of art that come from the heart. An integral approach to the creation of art that is uniquely experiential in nature. This program will offer a variety of tools to develop the artist in you. Created for all people involved in personal development, design, bodywork, teaching, and more…Come as you are to…

  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Rediscover your inner freedom and self-expression
  • Create beautiful works of art and
  • Feel life at its maximum potential
Embody Art: Intensive


The first session focuses on discoveringour physical, emotional, and spiritual body through movement, sound and visual arts in order to deepen our relationship with ourselves, and at the same time enhance communication, compassion and creative expression.


This workshop deals with the sacred elements of art that help us organize and order the way we express and deepen our connection with the exterior and interior of our bodies. We will explore alternative ways of seeing and feeling while discovering elements of art such as space, line, form, and color in our bodies and in the work of art. During this process we will use different materials such as paint, fabric, beads, wood and feathers as well as meditation, movement and sound.


This is the ultimate alchemical process. Free time, space and a variety of materials will help our creativity flow, allowing us to transform what we discovered, expressed and learned into a beautiful work of art.

This intensive program will lead you through a journey into the magical process of alchemy, where heaven and earth meet, where feminine and masculine merge, where the material and spiritual world co-create to manifest beauty.

Embody Art: The Chakras 

This program consists of seven 3 hour classes. In each of these classes we will discover the different characteristics of each chakra. Learning about our selves and at the same time creating works of art. We will unleash our creativity through art, meditation, movement, and sounds centered around the chakra at hand. Each class consists of an explanation of the chakra that we are going to work with, meditation, exercises pertaining to the respective chakra, prayer, and intention for the art piece and time for creation.These classes will deepen your personal knowledge in all aspects including the physical, emotional and spiritual levels while simultaneously giving you tools for creating art. You will unleash your creative potential and open up to a new world of possibilities.