Healing Waters


These paintings were created with healing properties in an active process of prayer and meditation using mixed media—sharpie pens, watercolors, and clay boards. The boards themselves are resistant to the test of time as they are made of very durable material.

The images can be hung on a wall or placed upon an altar where the viewers can take the time to meditate on their special energy. It is important to place them somewhere where they will be seen often, if not everyday, so as to enhance the healing process.

“The mind works with ideas, the body with muscles, and the soul with images…A painting is like a mirror- we look into it and see ourself and our world reflected” Thomas Moore 

Grounding: Allow yourself to be at ease in and with your own body.Honor it, care about it, take time out for it and be in the present withwhatever feelings whether pleasurable or not so pleasurable. Passion: Let your feelings flow. Go deep within, allowing yourself to get connected with your most compelling emotions. As rivers and oceans flow freely, so too allow the waters of your being the freedom to just be.
Power: Self-empowerment goes hand in hand with self-love. You can do it. Whatever it is you want to accomplish just requires focus and commitment. Trust your inner strength and will power. You will conquer more on your quest than you could have ever imagined. Harmony: Restores balance. The forces of duality, of light and dark, within become one. Be compassionate with yourself and others always, especially during this period of integration. Love yourself both in the light and in the darkness, as this darkness is a source of great creativity when it is properly incorporated as a part of your true self. Getting connected with your shadows will bring you the wholeness you desire.
Communicate: Express your truth. At the core of your being is your deepest truth, have the courage to share it with others openly. It is by doing this that you can experience deep connection with yourself and those around you. Perception/Vision: Open your eyes, see beyond the surface of things, you will notice more in your horizon than you have ever dreamed of, new worlds of experience will open for you. Simply allow the clarity of your intuition to pierce through the old veils of perception.
Flight: Your wings are open, ready for take off. Your horns are a symbol of your connection to your higher self. You are grounded and it is time to fly,just remember to look down every once in a while so you can see just how far along you have come in your journey. Play: Be more playful in your life! Take time to play, to dance, to be silly. Stop taking things so seriously, as you do this, notice you are able to enjoy more. Dance and hum as you cook, sing in the shower, be spontaneous with your loved ones. Henry David Thoreau was on to something when he said, “to laugh often and to love much, this is to have succeeded.”
Depth: Go deeper into the darkest of places, notice that even there you will find beauty. This beauty is of a different kind; it is one you have probably never seen before. Trust that you are ready to delve deeper into your feelings. So deep, that you will even see what lies behind them. Learn to dance with any discomfort that arises and enjoy this profound experience. Constellation: The stars, the sun, the moon, the planets in the sky, all of the celestial bodies connecting with our own human bodies, with the earth, the waters, the trees. We are all connected to one another. Our cells and our self, growing in the womb of the mother, continually regenerating our DNA, evolving as Life itself.
Dreams: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” These words by Henry David Thoreau remind us of the importance it is to dream, to believe in the power of our dreams, and to have the guts to pursue them, regardless of how rough the road may get. Be consistent especially during times where it feels as if nothing is happening. Meditate with this picture everyday; and if you presently do not have a dream, one will come in due time. Just trust, it is as simple as letting go. Faith: It is time to have faith in who you are and what you are to offer to the world. Trust, open your arms and jump into the mystery, to the unknown, and toward the new. Know that you will be supported and guided, and if you are relaxed, you will land in the perfect position to roll over and start walking again. Take that leap  of faith and jump… for something new, magical, and beautiful will happened if you just let it.  Be Brave.